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More guessing games.....

We have now traveled more than 1300 miles and we are still playing guessing games! Today’s game involved our tour guide’s necklace. She passed it around the bus and asked us to guess what it was made of. It was very heavy, beautiful, and looked like it was made of some kind of stone. Many people guessed agates, marble, granite etc. Turns out we are all wrong and we never would have guessed the right answer. Interestingly enough, it was made of fossilized dinosaur dung (poop)! Who knew!?!

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Quote of the day....

April 1, 2009

Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
Steven Wright

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She is styling....

One of the best things about this trip is the fact that my sister and I get to travel together AND we get to travel with our parents. They are great sports! My dad so enjoys seeing all these historical sight

We have been really impressed with MOM. She is styling! Today she came out of her room with a really snazzy outfit! Check out her jeans! Fancy pockets and flared legs. She could pass for 60; maybe even 55! Her granddaughters would be soooooo proud of her!



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Gettysburg Battlefield


This is our tour guide, Donna, as well as our step-on guide, Dave, who showed us around the battlefield.


Our group at the eternal flame monument.


Piece of a cannon ball recently recovered from the battlefield



The battlefield today preserved almost exactly as it was in 1863


Monument to the southern general, Robert E. Lee

The battle field at Gettysburg is over 6000 acres. There are over 1320 monuments that have been erected on the battlefield that honor the various groups who served and died here. In the 3 day span of time that this battle raged, over 51,000 men were killed, wounded or captured. It remains to this day the single bloodiest battle in the western hemisphere.

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I take up my pen...

Letters From the War

The most moving of the exhibits at the Gettysburg Historic Museum was the one entitled, “I TAKE UP MY PEN….Letters From War.”

Nearly three million men served in the Union and Confederate armies from 1861 to 1865; writing letters was their principal connection to the homes and families they left behind. The soldiers wrote about whatever was on their minds—the battles, politics, slavery, food, camp life, the weather, their leaders, their brothers in arms, the places they were located, their health AND all the things they were missing about home! They produced a volume of personal correspondence that no other American conflict has seen before or since. These letters help us to better understand them, the conflict they were involved in and this era of our nation.

On display in this exhibit are some of the over 12,ooo Civil War letters that have been preserved.

A couple of my favorites:
“There is nothing in the world that gives me more pleasure than to receive letters from you, besides the pleasure of reading the letters, it is some satisfaction to have and look at articles that were in your hands such a short time before.”
Joseph Maitland, Orderly Sergeant, 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry to his fiancée, Belle Wharton, March 9, 1865

“you won’t go to war ever again will you?”
8 year old Georgiana Tillotson in Greene County, New York, to her father

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