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If these walls could talk.....

Last night walking home from supper, I took photos of the houses in the historical section of town. There are signs on many of the homes indicating that they were standing here during the Civil War. As we walked by these homes, we realized that you can still see the marks the bullets made so many years ago. Often, next to the house there will be a sign explaining what role the family, who occupied the house at that time, had in the history of this town. Many of the churches were converted into hospitals after the battle of Gettysburg. Solders from both sides of the conflict were treated and often remained here for months as they slowly recovered from their injuries.


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Day 4

This was the first morning that we didn't have to get up early and get on the bus. It was kind of nice to sleep until about 6:30, have breakfast and then go for a nice long walk with my sister. We walked through the Gettysburg College campus which was beautiful--gorgeous old buildings and trees. We almost stopped at the admissions office to see if we could enroll.

There was an optional trip this morning to the Eishenhower farm which is just outside the city. Bonnie, my mom and dad all chose to go. I stayed back to do some reading and investigate the city a little more.

This afternoon we are off to have a special tour of the Gettysburg battle field!This is supposed to be a very moving experience. There are several men on our trip who are very knowledgable about the Civil War and this is the day they have been waiting for. I feel like I know so little and I'm anxious to see what I can discover today!.

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I am really getting frustrated with this travel blog! It sounded like such a good idea at first. BUT, I should have just stayed with posting on my "bailiwick" where I know what I am doing! I am sorry about the pictures I posted yesterday that are turned on their side. This blog does not automatically rotate photos and I didn't realize that when I posted them. I can't figure out how to go back and correct the situation either. So, you are going to have to turn your head to the side to view them! SORRY!

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Dobbins House.....

Supper tonight was at the oldest and most historic building in Gettysburg. The Dobbin House was built by Reverend Alexander Dobbin in 1776. From the balcony, people gathered to watch Lincoln deliver his famous address just a few hundred yards away at the National Cemetery.

Dobbin was born in Ireland and became a frontier pioneer who helped settle and civilize this area. He was an educator and a minister. In 1774, the Dobbins purchased 300 acres of land in and around what is now the town of Gettysburg and constructed a farm, a school, a college and a theological seminary.

He needed a large house as he and his Irish wife had 10 children. When his first wife died, he married a widow who already had nine children of her own!

Today this historic house appears virtually the same as it did over 200 years ago. It has stone walls, seven fireplaces and hand carved woodwork. The china we ate off exactly matches fragments which were unearthed during the re-excavation of the cellar. Even the waitresses wear period-clothing that is completely authentic.

A special feature of the house that we got to see was a "space" between the floors where slaves, seeking freedom hid.


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We saw something "new" today......

We actually got to see the SUN today. Just as we pulled into Gettysburg, Pennsylvania the sun came out from behind the dark bank of clouds that have followed us all the way from Minnesota! We also green grass, plowed fields and daffodils.

We are staying at the historic Gettysburg Hotel. It is located directly across the street from the house where Abraham Lincoln stayed the night before delivering the famous Gettysburg address.

We arrived early enough this afternoon to spend a couple of hours wondering the streets of this historic town.
My dad especially like the shops that were displaying and selling Civil War relics—uniforms, guns, cannon balls, bullets, and even the saws that the medics used to amputate limbs!



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