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I try to be a traveler and not a tourist. Why? A tourist is someone who tours around and finds fault with every thing they encounter that is “different.” They also grumble a lot! A traveler is someone who embraces the changes they encounter and take home new ideas!
…….a fellow traveler

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Day 3

Ohio—we spent the night in Richfield, Ohio. Bonnie and I made the mistake of watching a movie before bed. It was a good movie but not conducive to sleeping so it was a short night! I do want Bonnie’s family to know that she did a great job running the remote. She never gets to do that home.

Once again we woke up to snow on the ground. Tomorrow, regardless of the weather, we will be wearing capris and short sleeve shirts--that is all we have left! Our tour guide told us today that there is no such thing as bad weather; only different kinds of good weather!

Let’s catch up on state trivia:
Ohio—The Buckeye State! Capital—Columbus/Industrial capital of the USA/birthplace to 7 American presidents/home to the first ever billionaire/leading producer of ice cream cones, pretzels, baseballs and footballs

Pennsylvania—The Keystone State! Capital—Harrisburg/Birthplace of our nation when the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776/home of William Penn who started a refuge for all minorities/first petition against slavery originated from the Quakers of this state/home of Betsy Ross and Benjamin Franklin

Today’s presidential trivia—
Andrew Jackson---born in a log cabin, first president to ride a train, first president to survive an assassination attempt

Martin Van Buren—first president born in a state—all the previous ones were born in colonies that later became states/first president of Dutch heritage—spoke Dutch at home

William Harrison—only president who had studied to be a doctor, had the longest inaugural address and the shortest presidency—lasted 32 days

John Tyler—first Vice President to ascend to the presidency, never ran for office, president with the most children (15)/First to have "Hail to the Chief” played when he entered an important event

James Polk—first inauguration to be telegraphed/first to hold a Thanksgiving dinner at the White House/first president who actually fulfilled all his presidential promises (and probably the last as well!)

Zachary Taylor—late to receive his nomination because he refused to pay the postage due on his mail/didn’t vote until he was 62 because he didn’t have an official residence since he traveled so much as a soldier/died in office and his body was later exhumed to determine whether or not he had poisoned

Millard Fillmore—last president to be born in the 18th century/personally helped fight a fire at the Library of Congress/declined an honorary degree from Oxford because he didn’t think he was qualified

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Quote of the day....

We travel first to leave. And then, later on, we travel to return.
Ted Olsen—Christianity Today (April edition)

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State number 4-- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and now Indiana. Just before lunch time we entered Indiana. As we pass through states we review the state capital, flower, bird, motto and interesting facts. We are going to be a fountain of knowledge when we get home! The most fascinating to me was that, due to the state’s proximity with the “south,” there was a very active underground railroad in Indiana. One couple from Indiana is credited with saving the lives of over 2000 slaves.

This morning’s comfort stop was at an Oasis. These are rest stops that are above the freeway and accessible regardless of which direction you are traveling. I took a couple of photos mainly because I wanted to show you some of the weather we drove through today. One of those situations when I am really glad that I wasn’t driving! We saw many vehicles in the ditch –- including one snow plow. That guy will probably be looking for another job tomorrow!


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Day 2

We started the day boarding the bus in the midst of a snow storm! When everyone was on the bus, our driver and tour guide opened the day with prayer asking God for protection on the roads. Since this is Sunday and we won’t be stopping to worship, they also read a short devotional story. This is a highlight of the trip for me, that we have this wonderful couple, Donna and Perry as our guides! They are so delightful!

Most touching moment of the day—As we were riding along, I glanced over at the couple sitting across from me. My guess is that they are in their 70s. As we were listening to the “sermonette” the husband would reach over and grab his wife’s hand and squeeze it. It was so tender that it brought tears to my eyes.

Review of the presidents (this is going to be a daily event)

George Washington—first president/lived in Philadelphia/he didn’t represent any political party/won the election unanimously—no one ran in opposition to him.

John Adams—first president to live in the White House—he moved in while the paint was still wet/he and his family got lost in the woods outside of Washington for a few hours when moving to the city

Thomas Jefferson—main author of the Declaration of Independence/wrote his own epitaph and never mentioned being president

James Madison—signed the Constitution/ first president to wear trousers instead of Knee britches/ smallest president (5 feet 4 inches and 100 pounds)

James Munroe—first president to ride in a steam boat/his daughter was the first to marry in the White House

John Q. Adams—swam nude in the Potomac River on a daily basis. He refused to give an interview to a female journalist so she decided to go to the Potomac at 5 in the morning and she sat on his clothes until he agreed to let her do an interview!

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