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The count down has begun! Only 48 hours and I will be boarding the bus that will take me on a 12 day tour. My ultimate destination will be the museums and monuments of our nation's capital! Also included in this trip are stops at Gettysburg and Colonial Williamsburg. It will all be new to me--I have never before visited a single one of our planned destinations!

Of course the big question before you leave on a trip is, "what should I bring?" I turned to the experts this morning and checked out a few web sites that resulted when I googled "packing tips." I got way more information than I bargained for! There were a few items that I won't be needing on this particular trip. Such things as mosquito netting, yellow fever certificate and water purifying tablets. But there were also a handful of helpful suggestions that I wouldn't have thought to pack myself--like my cell phone charger! Other things I may have thought of, or I may have forgotten--things like my sunglasses ( I really hope I will have need of them!) and earplugs (just in case my sister snores!).

Besides a great deal of informaton on "what to pack" I also was educated on "how to pack." Since this trip doesn't involve any flights, we are each allowed one LARGE suitcase--no size restrictions mentioned. I am using the biggest one I could find! Since the weather is so unpredictable this time of year, I feel like I need to pack for both cool (if not downright COLD) weather and warm spring-like weather. Space might be an issue afterall! Here are some tips I am going to try: I will pack my underwear and socks INSIDE my shoes as not to waste any space. Instead of packing all three of the large Washington, D.C. tour books that I have, I will photo copy parts of each of them and take only those sheets folded nice and thin. I will be placing all my cosmetics in plastic zip lock bags--I've my lessons with this one before! I will, as instructed, zip all zippers and button all buttons as to mimimize wrinkling (aren't there irons in ALL hotel rooms these days?).

What do you think is the one thing they suggested you take on ALL trips regardless of duration or destination? DUCT TAPE! Who knew? I am going to defy the experts on this one!

Well, if I don't get going, my suitcase will be empty when I board the bus Saturday morning!

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